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Signs that Flagyl is working

If you are placed on Flagyl, know that it is working if after the treatment initiation, you starting noticing progressive improvements in symptoms of what you are treating. Depending on what you are treating, these improvements in symptoms are expected to happen in hours or days after treatment commencement. Flagyl is a brand of a medication … Read more

What to drink to last longer in bed in Nigeria

There are different things that can make men not to last longer in bed. Fortunately, there are different things to do to address this issue, thereby making them last longer. The cause of cause of not lasting longer in bed medically called premature ejaculation will determine the best treatment approach to adopt, which will ultimately work. … Read more

How much water should I drink daily

Drinking water is important, but drinking enough of it is more important as it would prevent you from becoming dehydrated.  Some people say that water is life, and I agree with them.  We need water as it transports nutrients and oxygen throughout our body cells, tissues and organs where they are needed and utilized. It … Read more

Pharmacology Vs pharmacy: similarity and differences

Pharmacology Vs pharmacy We will be discussing pharmacology Vs pharmacy in this article. We will discuss in detail their differences and similarities. What is pharmacology? Pharmacology is a course under biological sciences, medical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences. Please visit pharmacology definition,  branches and classes for a detailed information on what pharmacology is and what pharmacologists … Read more

Excipients: Types, Examples, Uses and Functions,

Introduction In drugs formulation, there are other ingredients or substances that are added or used in the process other than the active pharmaceutical ingredients. These substances are called inactive Pharmaceutical ingredients or excipients. Excipients are inert substances used as diluents or vehicles for a drug. They are used for various reasons and their functionalities often … Read more

Microorganisms used for drugs and vaccines production

Microorganisms that are beneficial in Pharmaceutical industry are microbes that are used in this industry for the production of drugs, vaccines, and medical devices. Broadly, microorganisms that are used in industrial processes including Pharmaceutical industry are called industrial microorganisms. These can be bacterial, fungal, or viral microorganisms. Their use in the production of Pharmaceutical Products … Read more

Procedures for setting up a Pharmaceutical Production company in Nigeria

Introduction This article discusses in details, step by step procedures for setting up a successful Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical business in Nigeria including the requirements for doing so. Pharmaceutical business is a vast one with high profitability potential especially if done the right way. Pharmacy business can be production or manufacturing, importation, exportation, distribution, wholesaling or … Read more

Antiviral drugs: classes, uses, mechanisms of actions and examples

Antiviral drugs are a group of drugs which have activities against infections of viral origin such as HIV/AIDS, Covid-19, hepatitis, herpes simplex virus disease etc. These substances or drugs have different ways they act, called mechanism of action, through which they inhibit viral growth, replication or entry into their hosts cells. Classification of Antiviral drugs … Read more

Benefits and uses of birth control pills other than pregnancy prevention

Birth control pills, which is also known as oral contraceptives, have got other uses and benefits other than their use for pregnancy prevention. Of course, their primary use is for pregnancy prevention. This is even evident in their group name, birth control pills or oral contraceptives. Benefits and uses of birth control pills other than … Read more

Side effects of birth control pills/oral contraceptives

Introduction to side effects of birth control pills Side effects of birth control pills otherwise known as oral contraceptives are many. Some of these side effects are mild and well tolerated while some are not. Some occur rarely. It is important to note that people react differently to drugs, therefore some women may experience other … Read more