Nigerian Drugs’ core aim and purpose is to enable its users know what is contained in any brand of drug registered in Nigeria. Any other thing obtainable herein should be regarded as value added services to enable you have a nice experience using it.

Nigerian Drugs is ran by Nigerian medical professionals. This platform  should neither substitute your doctors prescription, medical consultation nor prevent you from seeking medical advice when necessary. After all, its intended users are healthcare professionals majorly.

It is also important to state clearly that information obtainable here can never be complete and without error. This is because scientific theories and acclaimed facts can change over time. This does not mean that we would not follow trends of Medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

If you are a patient or a non health professional, always confirm with your healthcare provider and depend entirely on him for your health needs. He knows both your objective and subjective data. In fact, do not follow what is contained herein as a base for your treatment, this is not the aim of this website and therefore will be labelled by us as an abuse of purpose on your part. Use it only to know what your branded drugs contain. 

Nigerian Drugs is summarily made to let you know the active pharmaceutical ingredients in branded drugs registered and used in Nigeria only.

Thank you.

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