Facts you probably didn’t know about homosexuals

MSM which stands for men who have sex with men will be used throughout this post to represent homosexuals. “Gay” can equally be used if need be.
This article is not designed to praise or condemn the act of homosexuality. No, we don’t have such powers. As a person, I believe that everything that happens does so for a reason. So, they probably have their reasons.

I therefore write not to condemn or side anybody but that you know them better. Although, I don’t know them better sha. So, I’m rather meant to say that I write that you know a little about them. They can equally learn new things about themselves and their lifestyle. Of course no one knows it all.

Let’s get started on Facts about msm

1. Nearly all of them are HIV positive

Do you know anyone who is a gay? I bet you, if he goes for HIV test today, he will likely be positive. Even if he is not, let him go after like one year from now, certainly, he will be positive. That’s just it.

I’m not saying this to stigmatize anyone neither am I wishing that they become positive. I’m just making a statement of fact. I’m equally not saying it so that you can begin to discriminate them. This article is far from this. Information they say is power. So, the article, through this number one fact is designed to let you know what affects them most. Doing so will help you support them in time of need.
You may need to know why they are mainly HIV positive. It is actually because of the anatomical abuse involved in their act of sex which leads to tears and easy of blood mix amongst them. You will believe with me that condom usage by them is near to impossible. Of course, condoms need friction free zone not to tear.

2. Greater percentage of them got involved because of non-availability of opposite sex around

Before you doubt this point, think prisons, think male boarding school, think seminary, think poverty which makes some boys leave together in a crowded place, think of everyplace boys are kept together for a long period without contact with the opposite sex.

The thought of all these places and the result we get from them should be able to tell you what this number two fact is talking about.

Disclaimer: we have not said that everyone who passed through those aforementioned places are MSM. No at all. Most of them are even against it. The point we are making is that homosexuality is common among men raised from such environments.
Please note that not all MSM are raised from environment similar to those we enlisted above.

3. It is habit forming

In number three above, we said that environment contributes. But the question is, why don’t they stop ones they are exposed to another environment. The answer is probably because it is habit forming. Ones you get involved, it develops into a habit. Some people attributes this habit forming tendencies of homosexuality to spiritual force.

Do you believe this?
Well, I think Christians should do. See Romans 1:26-28

4. Some of them still love women ( that’s to say they are bisexual)

Some MSM love women and therefore keeps girlfriends. This is a threat to the goal of stopping the spread of HIV and other STIs. Well, that is if they walk in the rain with their girlfriends without rain coats. To remain negative, for those who are HIV negative, always cover yourself against the cold before going to bed. See everyone one as a carrier.

5. It’s not only boys who are into it, men are equally among

The truth is that men, even those in top classes, are involved in this. These are the ones who bring in vulnerable boys into the game using their money.

This reminds me of an assumed friend who wanted me to be his boy friend. Chai. Upon that I was earning a decent amount then, he still had the gut to promise to take good care of me (financially). That was an insult.

That’s how they get poor and confused boys into the game. They promise them heaven and earth of which they fulfill almost nothing.

6. Some of our religious leaders are not unconnected

In this context, when we say religious leaders, we are talking about Christian, Muslim, African traditional religious leaders and others who publicly speak against the act.

Examples of them abound online. A notable example is Bishop Gene Robinson. This therefore points that msm can’t be isolated from looks or any physical attributes.

The list is endless, so we will keep updating it from time to time.
In case you know of any, please add it in the comment box below.
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