How to last longer in bed naturally

Jude lasts only few seconds in bed

Jude didn’t know how to last longer in bed naturally. So, he started using a prescription drug called Viagra to help himself.

Well, the Viagra did not help him that much. Do you know why?

The reason is that Viagra is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It is not used to make someone last longer in bed.

So, Jude could not still last longer in bed as he wanted even after using Viagra.

His friend called Jack later betrayed him.

If we call Jack a horse, we may not be wrong because he can go 30 minutes non stopping in the “inner chamber” with his woman. Jack’s friends call him Mr Knacker.

For this reason, every man in Jack’s street didn’t like him; probably because of jealousy. Well, he literally steals their women.

Any woman this guy called Jack handles keeps coming back to him. This happens regardless if the woman in question is married, in a relationship or not.

He knew their secret. I mean, he knew what those women needed and how to satisfy them in bed. It is a must to cum if Jack handles you as a woman.

Every woman loves a man who can take them to cloud 9. Men who don’t last longer in bed cannot achieve this obviously.

So, Jack met with Jude’s girlfriend and showed her that some men are made with iron. Mr Knacker handled Jude’s girlfriend.

He made her feel like a woman for the first time. So, Jude’s girlfriend left Jude for Jack for good. 

Betrayal right? Well, you can’t blame either Jack nor Jude’s girlfriend.

Jack uses a natural and herbal solution called Rider’s Choice. This was, is and will remain his secret.

He was not telling anyone that he uses this product but he had to confined in Jude. Yes, Jude had to begged for help from him. He had to bury his shame and accepted his problem.

He was obviously helped by the Rider’s Choice. He later got himself another babe who stayed.

Why won’t she stay when he is a second Mr Knacker in the neighborhood.

The Rider’s Choice

To last longer in bed, we recommend that everyone takes blends of herbs and/or fruit that is safe and yet effective.

These are herbs that dilates men’s cucumber. The dilation make blood to flow in for erect*on to take place.

The herbs keeps the cucumber strong for like 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Rider’s Choice is a herbal mixture that helps men to last longer in bed. It has no side effects and can be taken any time.

Rider’s Choice is Jack’s age long secret.

How to take Rider’s Choice

To last longer in bed, take 50 to 100ml of Rider’s Choice 30 minutes before sex.

Do not use it with other drugs. If you want, you can take tiger nut drink and yoghurt to support it. You can equally take banana.

But the problem is that combining Rider’s Choice with either Tiger nut drink, yoghurt or banana will make you to last more than 2 hours.

This is too long if you ask us. Yes, your woman will not like it this long too.

Side effects of Rider’s Choice

Rider’s Choice has no known side effects. Remember that it is a mixture of natural herbs.

Where to buy Rider’s Choice

You can click on the order button below to buy it. We deliver within 24 hours to 5 days depending on your location.

Delivery within Nigeria is free. Delivery outside Nigeria attracts delivery charges.


How much is a bottle of Rider’s Choice

A bottle of Rider’s Choice which last for approximately 1 month costs N16,500. Two bottles cost N25,000 while 3 bottles cost N32,000.

For bulk purchases, a bottle goes for N7000 only.

Be a man of iron with Rider’s Choice. Be the Jack of your street.