How to make yourself throw up

There could be different reasons you may want to make yourself throw up. Whatever reason this may be, just note that there could be risks in making yourself throw up.

The risk include being choked by your vomitus. Others include having the vomitus flow into your lungs. Also, vomiting could irritate or corrode your gullet or oesophagus. This is common when you ingested a corrosive substance or when the mixing of what you must have swallowed and the stomach components produces an irritating or corrosive substance.

Do not induce vomiting if you swallow poisonous substance unless you are instructed by your doctor or the emergency department.

Follow the following steps to make yourself throw up:

Before using any of the methods below to induce vomiting, prepare your environment and take the best position to avoid being choked choked by your vomitus.

We suggest you get a bucket in front of you so that vomit inside it. Vomiting inside bucket will enable you examine the contents and nature of your vomitus.

However, you can decide to vomit directly into your toilet bowl. You make your choice.

The following are how to make yourself throw up:

  1. Use your index finger to make yourself throw
  2. Use a clean chicken feather
  3. Use ipecac syrup
  4. Use your toothbrush

1. Use your index finger

  1. Wash your hands with soap and clean running water.
  2. Insert your index finger into your mouth as dip as possible.
  3. Take it dipper until you throw up.
  4. To ensure you throw up faster, use your index finger to rob at the base of your tongue gently as you insert it.

2. Use a clean chicken feather

  1. Get a clean chicken feather. A thick and long one is preferred
  2. Insert it into your mouth as dip as possible
  3. Use it to stimulate the base of your tongue
  4. Continue with the stimulation until you throw up

3. Use your toothbrush

You can use your toothbrush in place of your index finger or chicken feather.

Since toothbrush is hard, we advise that you use it gently to avoid harming yourself in the process of making yourself throw up.

Steps to make yourself throw up using toothbrush include the following:

  1. Wash thoroughly the brush
  2. Insert it into your mouth. Do not do this forcefully.
  3. Do as if you’re using it to wash the back of your tongue.
  4. Gently continue this until you are highly nauseated and at the point of throwing up.
  5. Remove it and throw up

4. Use Ipecacuanha (ipecac) syrup

Ipecac syrup is a medicine used by the medical practitioners to induce vomiting in people who swallowed poisonous substances that is not corrosive.

Being that ipecac syrup is a medicine, we do not recommend it as a home remedy to make yourself throw or to induce vomiting.

Your doctor or pharmacist will tell the quantity of ipecac syrup to take to induce vomiting. Remember that you are not to use Ipecacuanha syrup to induce vomiting unless it is recommended by your doctor.