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In pursuit of easy access to rare drugs

Rare drugs shouldn’t be difficult to access as they can be life saving. 

We are working to ensure easy accessibility to rare and orphan drugs which are seldomly seen in the neighborhood pharmacies.

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Rare drugs shouldn’t be inaccessible or difficult to access. 

Their low demands and high prices often make Pharmacies not to stock them. This make it difficult for people to procure it when needed. 

The effects of this is better imagined. 

We are actually here to take away the pain of searching in futility for rare drugs. 

We work with different health facilities to ensure that you get your rare drugs when and where you need it. 

Jude Ozioko

Founder, CEO of DrugStocker

Our Values

We are here to save lives and improve the quality of lives of our clients.


Sourcing and delivery of your drugs happens in hours. We break every barrier that delays delivery.


We work with in a team to ensure fast and smooth service delivery. We do everything possible to get your drugs to you at the shortest possible time.


We deliver on demand only. For sustainability, we get full payment before delivery. 


We are in lives saving business. We deliver on our promises. Our words are kept to. 


We provide excellent services. We work with professionals only for your rare drugs provision. 


We don’t stop until you receive your ordered drugs. We love what we do and we are committed.

Our Products

Committed to Quality

We place quality above everything in our service provision. We use quality tools and personnel to provide you with quality products and services.

Clinical Development

We are currently not into clinical development but we will get there. We believe in growth.

Regulatory & Access

We are accessible. We comply to the regulatory standards.


We provide Biotech products on demand.

Functional Service

Our services are rare drugs provision. We equally provide drugs information.

Our Purpose

Universal health coverage through access provision to rare drugs.

Orphan and rare drugs should be accessible to all. We want you to have your drugs when and where you need them. This way, your quality of life will be improved. This is our business. 

We understand how important it is to have once medications any time they are needed. We equally know the negative effects of not having access to them when needed. We are here to ensure you can have your drugs any time and anywhere without difficulty. 

We provide you with those rare drugs you can’t get in your neighborhood pharmacy. 

We are in the business of improving quality of lives of our clients.

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