DrugStocker with the URL “www.drugstocker.com” is a drugs and medical devices ordering platform for Hospitals, pharmacies, patent medicines stores, and clinics. It allows Pharmacies enlist their available drugs for sale. So, it is drugs marketplace. Rare and hard to find drugs can be ordered by patients with valid prescriptions.

We have as vendors or partners Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, importers, distributors, wholesalers and medical sales representatives of different pharmaceutical companies. Through these people, we deliver order drugs to our customers.

For a robust system that guarantees constant security to our partners and customers, you, as user in any capacity shall not be allowed to upload malwares in our website. If we discovered that you have such intent, without warning, you shall be removed from our platform and legal action instituted against you.

As a vendor, on no condition shall you be allowed to supply products that deviate in any form to what you uploaded here or to the original product as approved by the local regulatory authorities. You shall not be allowed to sell using this platform products that is not authorized for sale by the local regulatory authorities you are from. If you attempt doing so, you shall be removed from our platform without warning. In addition, you agree to our store policies of goods return, refunds and delivery.

For smooth and continued running of this website, you agree to forfeit 2.5% (two point five percent) of every of your successful sales value. In other words, after a successful sale, 97.5% of your total money would be released to you on application for payment while the remaining amount shall be kept by Drugstocker for administrative and other purposes.

For emphasis, as contained in our refund policy, you shall make a complete refund to any customer who qualifies for such, within 24 hours such move is made.


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