Coochie Snot: meaning, causes, benefits and types

What is coochie snot?

Coochie snot is a healthy discharge from the vagina which has dripped down out of the vagina. This does not occur as a result of health issues.

It occurs in every woman of reproductive age. It is normal and beneficial even.

It is usually watery and sometimes slightly thick and sticky.

Except when one has an infection, it is usually transparent to white in appearance without an offensive smell.

What causes coochie snot?

Coochie snot is basically caused by:

  1. Sexual arousal
  2. Hormonal changes

Different things could cause a woman to discharge and produce coochie snot. This could include a woman being horny and needing sex.

In this situation, the snot is to protect the vagina against bruising during penetrative sex as it serves as lubricant.

Another cause of a woman having coochie snot is hormones. This is usually the case during ovulation and other cases where there are hormonal changes in women like in pregnancy, during menstruation, during breastfeeding, and few days after delivery.

Hormonal changes during ovulation makes women to produce clear or milky and odourless discharge that is usually sticky to touch.


The type of discharge a woman has is dependent on the cause.

So, the types of C. snot is directly related to causes of the discharge in women.

Generally, coochie snot can be lumped into:

  1. Normal coochie snot
  2. Abnormal coochie snot

Apart from the broad types as noted above, other types include the following:

  • coochie snot for sex: this type of snot is produced to lubricate the vagina thereby making sex smooth and pleasurable.
  • coochie snot after sex: after unprotected vaginal sex, it is expected that the male partner will ejaculate into the woman’s vagina. Where this happened, the woman will drip of c. snot after the sex.
  • coochie snot during ovulation: this type of snot is only seen when a woman is in her ovulation. Ovulation is a period in a woman’s life when a mature egg is released from her ovary. A woman can pregnant during this period if she has an unprotected sex with a healthy who is fertile.
  • coochie snot during menstruation: this
  • coochie snot during pregnancy, breastfeeding and few days after delivery: this

Health benefits of coochie Snot

The benefits of coochie snot depends on its type.

Normal and healthy coochie snot helps the vagina in several ways

  • It protects and cleans the vagina
  • It lubricates the vagina during sex
  • It carries away dead cells and bacteria out of vagina.

Abnormal snot alerts the woman of abnormalities in her body. Depending on the colour and smell of the snot, it could be suggestive of bacteria vaginosis, candidiasis, trichomoniasis etc.

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